Case Study: WebDPW with the Village of Valley Stream

Case Profile

The village of Valley Stream, New York was incorporated in 1925 and has become renowned for its neat and tidy environment, well-kept parks and recreational areas, as well as for the overall quality of its facilities and amenities.

This reputation is no accident. The village authorities operate a robust system of local management and maintenance, ranging from park services and highways to electrical and pothole crews and everything in between.

Client Aims

With a view towards enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these services, the Valley Stream authorities first inquired about the WebDPW asset and work management product. The team was first drawn to WebDPW because of its reputation for comprehensive fleet management capabilities, but soon discovered that the benefits were far more wide ranging.

The Process

Updating Valley Stream’s data processes was always going to be a sizable task, and some team members were hesitant about the initial change. To facilitate an easy transition, we deployed our training group – headed by Rich Vela – who spent three months coaching Valley Stream’s employees in correctly utilizing the software procedures and familiarizing them with entering and managing data in the system.

Along with these efforts, we set about developing the system to meet the specific needs of the Village of Valley Stream team, creating an optimized and customized experience that would exceed the client’s expectations.

The Results

The authorities at Valley Stream have spent a great deal of time, effort and money in developing their infrastructure. This extends to the fleets that the authorities operate, all of which include vehicles with laptops mounted in them, as well as mobile devices and rugged tablet computers. This wealth of technology has resulted in unwieldy amounts of data for the team to process, something which the implementation of WebDPW was able to quickly and efficiently deal with.

Now, these devices connect directly to the WebDPW platform, enabling the submission of service requests from the field and the monitoring of daily tasks. The training also proved highly effective. In only a short period of time after the initial coaching, mechanics and other operatives are now entering their own work orders on the fly and are comfortably wielding the full power of this software.

The client was so happy with the implementation of WebDPW and its benefits that they quickly integrated the system across a range of additional processes, enabling them to handle three quarters of their total data electronically.

The Next Steps

The Village of Valley Stream team is now planning to roll out WebDPW functionality across more areas of their organization, including bulk pickup for sanitation, tree stump removal crews and upgrading their signage department. This will involve onboarding twenty additional users to handle the data, something which will be achieved easily thanks to the support provided by the training team. Valley Stream plan to accomplish this by June 1, 2016.

“What we were doing was antiquated. WebDPW isn’t just one step forward, it’s eight steps forward and has made us 75% paperless. The guys like that all of the information is just there – photos and documents, all in one place!”