Going Paperless: The Bottom Line Benefits of an Asset Management and Work Order System

With 2018 almost here, can you afford to implement a paperless system is not the question; can you afford NOT to is what you should ask.

Building and Maintaining Solid Infrastructures

What can a public works department do to ensure that the infrastructure they develop is sustainable and that they are utilizing the data they receive in a responsible manner? The implementation of an asset management system is a big step towards achieving this, but it cannot work in isolation.

Pay me now or Pay me Later: Why Asset Maintenance Matters

Pay me now or Pay me Later: Why Asset Maintenance Matters For thousands of years, societies have relied on public works departments for services such as keeping water flowing and

3 Ways Smart City Technology Benefits Communities of all Sizes

Many different cities have invested in Intelligent Community strategies in order to make their citizens safer. Smart City Technology

Public Works Departments: The Unsung Heroes of the Everyday

Public Works Departments: The Unsung Heroes of the Everyday To take for granted: verb phrase, meaning “to consider as true”, or “to underestimate the real value of…” As children, we

Infrastructure Management and Data-driven Decision Making

Conservation and global consciousness are prevalent themes today, yet municipal offices are still using entirely too much paper. Data that is placed into file cabinets can instead be uploaded into the WebDPW software, analyzed and interpreted. Then, it can be turned into visually understandable infographics that turn abstract numbers into valuable assets for personnel who need to make data-based decisions.

Let’s Talk Urban Forestry

Nearly 80 percent of the nation’s population live in urban areas. This means that city space is mostly used up by commercial and residential buildings. Urban forestry is a trend

Asset Management Plans Part 1

Asset Management Plans: A Road Map to Success While it is impossible to prevent all unexpected expenses in your utility and municipality, an asset management plan can prepare you for

Climate Change: Preparing for the Unavoidable Progress is great. We have so many conveniences today that we didn’t have just a decade or two ago. It’s crazy to think some kids don’t even know what a land-line is