Municipalities, Counties, Utilities, Public Works and Schools

WebDPW  is a cloud-based software to track the details, location (GIS),  and  costs of acquiring and maintaining facilities,  infrastructure and other assets of Governmental entities.

Our Asset Management and Work Orders system was built to service the needs of municipalities, counties, utilities, public works and schools. We offer a robust set of tools for public works departments, highway departments, street and traffic departments, water sewer and storm utilities, gas and electric utilities, facilities management and more.

Manage Your Assets
  • Easily find the location of all of your assets, monitor the condition of your assets, and stay up-to-date on all of your preventative maintenance.
Keep Employees Informed
  • Sharing knowledge with your employees is easy: Retain items that keep your employees up to date and generate intuitive reports that can be exported, emailed, or printed.
Comply with State and Federal Regulations
  • Scheduling and reporting helps ensure that you’re complying with state and federal regulations.
Access Your Data
  • Because WebDPW asset management and work order software is web-based, you can access the software program from any device with an Internet connection. There’s no need to purchase new equipment or install special software. This also makes it easy for your IT department to manage any issues that may arise.
Manage Budgeting
  • Manage all of your finances in one place. View the condition of your assets and projections for risk failure and budgeting, Determine the true cost of ownership, Setup and analyze using software facility for risk management.
Track Everything in One Place
  • You don’t need multiple software programs to track everything you need:

    • Create and track work orders
    • Track equipment usage costs
    • Track employee time via a time card module
    • Track citizen complaints
    • Track inventory
    • Track the cost of supplies
    • Track the conditions of highways