CRM Software for Government Agencies

Cloud Based Software as a Service
The Need for Special Government CRM

Government agencies need to keep track of data and keep constituents happy. They need to keep track of constituents’ history, vendor relationships, supplier resources, and other agency–specific information. Government agencies also have the responsibility of complying with federal rules and regulations and maintaining transparency.
Government CRM needs differ from those of businesses in that they must serve the general public at large and not just high–paying constituents. Government and public sector agencies need to serve everyone, and they don’t have the luxury of overlooking disgruntled constituents. Not only that, they have to be accountable. Government agencies are also businesses with strict budgets and big bosses. Government agencies must be able to easily interface with other agencies, systems including local, state, and federal systems.

How WebDPW™ CRM Can Help Your Government Succeed

Improve your processes and relationships with the people you serve

  • Automate, preserve, and manage your data and services.
  • Helps you manage important decisions and contacts within your system by providing a daily list of tasks and putting all contact information in one place.
  • Provides transparency and integrity of data,
  • Preserves critical data with automatic back–ups, encryption tools, and cloud–based security.
  • Manage your relationship with constituents but also with other agencies that serve the public sector and whose resources on which you depend.
  • Software–as–a–Service (SaaS) and cloud–based government is better because it is cheaper and easier to employ and interface well with current agency tools.

The Real Benefits of Government CRM

Create a constituent-focused organization:

  • Gain a single, real-time view of the constituent.
  • Leverage information across agencies with seamless integration with back-office systems.
  • Provide transparent, single-point access to programs and services.

Meet constituent expectations with improved service levels:

  • Provide convenient and consistent communications across all delivery channels—agency offices, contact centers, and constituent self-service.
  • Deliver personalized, targeted services based on constituent needs and preferences.
  • Implement agency best practices and policies for managing all constituent interactions.
  • Operate with greater efficiency:
  • Decrease costs by servicing constituents through the most cost-effective channels.
  • Streamline operations and improve response times by automating business processes.
  • Make better decisions with real-time, action-oriented performance measurements.
  • Integrate with existing government systems and enhance them.
Some of the Features of WebDPW™ CRM

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