Paving the Way  – Managing and Maintaining Critical Highway Department Assets

Do you have the information, tools, and data needed to achieve your vision, improve transportation system performance, and meet the public's needs? Maintaining Critical Highway Department Assets with

Going Paperless: The Bottom Line Benefits of an Asset Management and Work Order System

With 2018 almost here, can you afford to implement a paperless system is not the question; can you afford NOT to is what you should ask.

Invest in America with Asset Management Software

Invest in America with Asset Management Software There should be ample opportunity to “invest in America” over the next few years as the Trump administration concentrates on improving the US

Technology and Infrastructure: Planning for the Future

Tropical Storm Harvey raises red flags on our infrastructure and planning It’s Crucial to Upgrade America’s Water Infrastructure. Dams, reservoirs, canals and safe drinking water matter for everyone and U.S.

Differences Between Maintenance and Capital Projects

Not every repair is an expense, often, a repair turns into Capital Projects. When is maintenance an expense?

Delivering the Goods: Keeping Track of Capital Improvement Projects

Municipalities need better tracking and management of Capital Improvement projects In order for capital improvement projects to be carried out successfully, they need to be tracked and managed well. They

Asset Management Planning: A Road Map to Success

Asset Management Planning: While it is impossible to prevent all unexpected expenses in your utility and municipality, an asset management plan can prepare you for the expected. It is inevitable